The Farmakeio-eshop is designed to offer you a wide variety of products from the pharmacy . You can navigate quickly and easily search for products.

Our pharmacy is composed of experienced and knowledgeable staff where and are at your disposal for any questions or concerns regarding our products.

Our pharmacy is located in Larissa Watchtower 7. There are standing discounts on almost all of our products throughout the year, as well as great discounts on seasonal products . The values of the site relate solely to our online store.

WARNING: According to Greek law are not made drug sales via internet, neither can receive and execute recipes.


Terms of Use

No guarantee can be given about the availability of products, but we guarantee timely consumer information on their unavailability . If we order in kind has been exhausted , we have to inform the client of any cancellation or modification.

The payment of your order is made on receipt of your order with cash on or through PAYPAL

You have the right to return products purchased and ask for their replacement :
• In all cases where a demonstrable fault of our site «» Your surrendered other products or substantially different from what you ordered .
• in all cases where there was a defect in the product.
Products must be in excellent condition.


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